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Which office supply store stocks are you considering?

Greenville office supplies store, Kyle Office Supply, is now available at more than a dozen retail locations nationwide, according to a new listing posted Wednesday by the online retailer.

The online retailer said in the listing that the new product line includes office supplies and office accessories for all types of office workers including software developers, computer technicians, architects, and other professionals.

The new line is expected to start shipping later this week, and the company expects to sell up to 500,000 units by the end of the year.

The company has a growing online presence and is working to expand its business and its reach globally, according the listing.

A spokesperson for Kyle said that the company does not have plans to expand into the United States.

Kyle is the fourth online retailer to open an office supply line.

Amazon has an online store for software developers; Walmart is adding a line for architects; and Staples is adding an office supplies line for office workers.

Walmart’s website says the company is adding “Office Supplies for Engineers” and “Office Tools for Architects” to its online store, along with “Office Furniture and Related Products.”

Puerto Rico’s government has already approved $2.3 billion in relief funds to help with the recovery after Hurricanes Maria and Irma hit the island, and it is also considering additional relief funds.

Pablo Gomez, an analyst at Bernstein Research, told Business Insider that the market is likely to react favorably to the new offerings.

“With the influx of tech, the number of offices coming online will certainly boost the numbers, and we’re looking forward to the potential for this to be a very attractive space to invest,” he said.

However, Gomez said that he doesn’t expect that the firm will have a huge impact on the broader marketplace, which is likely the main reason for the company’s initial public offering.