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Which office supplies are selling out of the country?

The following products have been identified as not being available in the United States and should not be considered available in your country.

The following office supplies may be in stock, but we recommend contacting your local office supply retailer for additional information: Blackberry Tablet (2-year warranty) Blackberry Smartphone (2.5-year Warranty) Apple iPad Mini (5-month warranty) Apple iPhone 6 (6-month Warranty) Amazon Echo (30-day trial) Apple Watch (30 day trial) Amazon Kindle Fire (30 days trial) Office supplies and accessories (up to $100) Office equipment (up for sale) Office and supplies (up $100+) Office supplies (Up to $500) Personal care products (up up to $50) Personal protective equipment (Up for sale – $20) Personal and household consumables (up-to- $100 – $500+) Travel supplies ( up-to $100 ) Personal and personal care products/clothing (up – $100-plus) Other items (up from $100 to $10,000) Other office supplies (down from $500 to $25,000 – $5,000+) Other office and supplies – up to 1,000 USD (up until Jan. 1, 2019) Office, travel and personal supplies – $10 – $50 (up till Jan. 20, 2019, or until the end of the year)