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When the Trump administration will tell us what we can expect from Office Depot

Office Depot says it will begin delivering new office supplies to U.S. federal agencies this week, a significant milestone for the retailer, which announced last month that it would begin supplying goods to the U.N. and U.K. for the first time.

“We are excited to begin shipping our new Office Depot products to U:S.

agencies in early April,” Office Depot said in a statement on Thursday.

“This milestone represents an important milestone in the company’s strategic evolution to better serve our clients around the world.

We expect to deliver our Office Depot customers with a wide range of Office Depot Office Products that are more durable and functional than ever before.”

As the U-N.

begins its inspection of a U.A.E. office, Office Depot’s new office supply delivery to the organization is also a significant win for the U,K., which already is shipping large quantities of office supplies through a network of regional office supply stores.

In addition to Office Depot, the U:K.

has agreed to deliver supplies to the International Energy Agency and the World Bank.

In February, the Department of State said it would deliver Office Depot supplies to embassies in China, Iran, Lebanon, Turkey and the Uighur Autonomous Region of China.

The U.Q.E.-based company is also planning to ship office supplies and other supplies to European countries, including Belgium and Sweden, on Thursday to mark International Women’s Day.

In a statement, Office Supplier said it plans to begin delivering office supplies next week.

“Office Depot has been a great partner with the U.:A:O Office Depot for years and is thrilled to finally be able to start delivering to the federal government,” the company said in the statement.

“We’re excited to be able share the products we make with the rest of the world, including the U.,K., and are confident that our work will continue to advance with the advancement of technology.”