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What to know about the new Dick office supply chain

Eaton has unveiled a new brand for its office supply company, and they are looking to bring in more customers.

In an interview with Business Insider, the company’s CEO Andrew Huggins said that the new company will be called Dick Office Supply, and it will aim to compete with the likes of Office Depot and Staples.

“They will be the biggest and best of the best in terms of product quality, they will be able to deliver more products to customers in one go and they will offer the lowest prices, ” Huggs said.

In a press release, Dick said that their new business model will “enable us to provide the best customer experience possible”.

“It will give our customers the opportunity to get value for their money, whether it’s for a new product, an office supply or a service that’s relevant to their business.”

With Dick Office, we are able to provide our customers with the very best value for money, at a competitive price,” they said.”

We are very proud to have a strong partnership with Dick, and we are excited about our future.

“Huggins and his company had previously announced plans to open their first office supply store in 2018.