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What is the rudolph?

The rudolph, also known as a red-headed owl, was introduced in Britain in the 18th century.

The bird, named after a famous Englishman, has since become a popular pet.

Here are some facts about the rudolf: 1.

The rudolf is a popular domestic bird, with many breeding in Britain, Germany, France, Spain and Italy.


The species is now extinct, but a male rudolf can still breed.

It is estimated that around one million individuals of the bird exist in Britain and Ireland.


A male rudolph can produce between 200 and 300 chicks each year.


The birds’ feathers are strong and tough and they are capable of soaring.


They can fly up to 60 feet (18 metres) in flight.


The males are able to mate with females.


The females are able of laying eggs, and produce the first litter.


The young birds are usually born in the winter, and then they have to fend for themselves for the rest of their lives.


Rudolfs are also known for their beauty.

Rudolts are a popular tourist attraction in Britain.