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What do you think about the girly offices supplies?

Eugene, Oregon (BUSINESS WIRE) — There’s no shortage of girly stuff in Eugene, and with the city’s popularity as a hub for office-supply vendors and home goods, the city has made the best of it.

Here’s a look at the best girly items in Eugene for your office and home.1.

The girly pantyhose.2.

The cute girly coffee mug.3.

The adorable girly hairbrush.4.

The fun girly cat toys.5.

The playful girly doll.6.

The chic girly bedding.7.

The smart girly rug.8.

The gendered girly toilet paper.9.

The geeky girly laptop.10.

The clever girly computer.11.

The comfy girly shirt.12.

The sexy girly skirt.13.

The stylish girly socks.14.

The creative girly bracelet.15.

The funny girly scarf.16.

The silly girly handbag.17.

The supportive girly sweater.18.

The funky girly purse.19.

The awesome girly dress.20.

The beautiful girly phone case.21.

The amazing girly wallet.22.

The super girly fridge.23.

The inspiring girly wall calendar.24.

The edgy girly hat.25.

The fashionable girly earrings.26.

The trendy girly ring.27.

The cool girly necklace.28.

The quirky girly bra.29.

The nerdy girly sweatshirt.30.

The classy girly coat.31.

The sweet girly hoodie.32.

The elegant girly jacket.33.

The sparkly girly belt.34.

The badass girly bow.35.

The gorgeous girly tuxedo.36.

The sophisticated girly cape.37.

The bold girly beanie.38.

The hip girly backpack.39.

The masculine girly watch.40.

The daring girly tattoo.41.

The feminine girly wristwatch.42.

The glamorous girly jewelry.43.

The crazy girly bag.44.

The pretty girly book bag.45.

The glamy gir.earrings.46.

The comfortable girly umbrella.47.

The retro girly pair of headphones.48.

The modern girly tie.49.

The nostalgic girly tee.50.

The fancy girly pinball machine.51.

The high fashion girly turntable.52.

The low fashion gir.ears.53.

The goofy girly bike.54.

The weird girly bicycle wheel.55.

The dapper girly beach towel.56.

The chameleon girly shoes.57.

The pixy gir, the gir, and the girlish.58.

The happy girly wedding cake.59.

The sad girly party.60.

The heartwarming girly video.61.

The unique girly movie.62.

The thoughtful girly poster.63.

The great girly gift.64.

The delightful girly birthday party.65.

The best gir.louie.