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How to get rid of a $50 bill: A guide

Boise, ID (AP) A $50 bank bill that started as a joke by a former employee has grown into a symbol of a decades-long economic slump.

The bills, made of plastic, were sold in local retail outlets for pennies and sold out months after the money became popular, leaving customers scratching their heads.

The bills were meant to be fun and quirky.

They were sold at one-dollar bills and had small stickers that read, “It’s a big joke!”

But the bills have become a symbol for a nation that has had its worst economic growth in nearly a decade.

Businesses have lost more than a million jobs since 2011 and nearly half of Idahoans don’t have health insurance, the highest percentage in the country.

President Donald Trump is trying to revive the economy with an aggressive tax overhaul.

Banks are reluctant to lend, leaving consumers and businesses struggling to make ends meet.

And the new bills have caused an uproar among some residents.

“I just don’t understand why the people that are in the business of making these bills are so mad,” said Chris Crouch, a Boise resident who had a $2,000 bank bill mailed to his home.

“It is ridiculous.”

The bills became a popular joke in Boise because it was a parody of a fictional character in the film “The Princess Bride,” the story of an orphan who helps his wealthy parents create a $200,000 gold and silver watch and an extravagant palace.

People have been sending bills to each other to express their frustration with the bill, said Mark Wahlberg, a sales associate at the Boise branch of the American Bankers Association.