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How much is a $1,200 washing machine worth?

The washing machine, or dishwasher, is the most popular and versatile appliance in Australia.

And yet, it’s only worth a relatively modest $1 in the US.

According to a new study, the average householder can expect to save more than $1.50 each year for their washing machine.

The study, commissioned by the Australian Consumer Law Centre, was conducted by the consultancy consultancy PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

It’s a good indicator of the kind of money consumers can expect when they buy a washing machine from a big retailer.

It surveyed a sample of 8,000 Australians to get an idea of the average price of a washing device and the average number of wash cycles.

It also surveyed people to see how they thought about the cost of washing machines, the amount they would spend on washing them, and the cost for the lifetime of the device.

The findings showed a typical householder could expect to earn between $1 and $1:25 per wash cycle.

However, if they were spending the same amount on a washing-machine they could expect an average annual savings of about $2.40.

For a $400 washing machine that was the equivalent of an additional $80 per year, or an additional £20.

The average annual saving for the average Australian was just under $4.60, or about $1 per day.

The report found that households earning more than the national average of $1 an hour could expect savings of $6.70 per year.

But for a household earning less than $400 a day, they could earn between just $7.40 and $9.20 a day.

It’s a different story for those in poorer households, who could expect saving on their washing-pot washing average of just under about $3.50 a day for a washing average savings of just over $2 per day, or just over £3.70 a day depending on the size of the household.

The Australian Consumer Council, the consumer group, said the study’s findings showed the importance of having a wash machine and having access to a washing programme.

“If you can get your washing machine repaired or replaced, you can save money,” ACCC chairperson, Jessica Fagan, said.

“So having a washing program to go with it can really help make washing a bit easier.”

She said it was also important to understand what a washing routine was before deciding whether to upgrade your washing machines.

“We all know that there’s an array of different ways to wash your clothes and it’s important to know how they are going to do that,” Ms Fagan said.

“There’s also the question of washing a washing basket and you might need to consider the different types of detergents and detergent attachments that are available.”

Ms Fagan suggested it was important to consider if a washing cycle is worth the money.

“Washing cycles can have a very positive impact on your overall household finances,” she said.

But she said it could also be expensive.

“The most expensive washing cycle, we found, is a washing bucket, so that’s what the average American household is spending on their wash cycle, and it can be up to $1 a day,” Ms Krummel said.

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