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Dental supplies to Denver office supply store to close

Denver office supplies store owner and his family have been told they must close their store or close the business altogether.

The Dental Supply Company, in the 900 block of North Main Street, will close the store on Sunday, according to a statement from the owner’s office.

The Dental Supplies Company is part of a chain of more than 600 Dental and Related Supplies stores in Colorado, according a list of the chain’s locations compiled by the National Association of Dental Boards.

The owner of the DentalSupply Company, a subsidiary of the family-owned company, told the Associated Press on Thursday that it was too soon to tell how the store would be closed.

The store was originally opened in 1983 and was owned by the Cottages and Suites chain of restaurants.

The chain is owned by Darden Restaurants.

A spokeswoman for the owner did not immediately respond to a request for comment.