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A few things to know about Microsoft Office 2017

The next version of Microsoft Office will be called Office 2017 and will have a lot of new features, according to Microsoft.

The new suite of productivity apps will include more “user experience” and more “mobile-first” designs, as well as new “personalized search” features.

It will also include “support for all modern desktop and laptop platforms” including Macs, Linux, Windows, and Android devices.

Microsoft will make it available through Windows Store apps, and Office 2017 will have an “official desktop” experience.

It won’t just work with Office, either.

Microsoft is also bringing support for a number of new Windows 10 mobile devices, including the Surface Hub, Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 8 phone.

It also will make its first Windows 10 PC available through the company’s own Windows Store.

Microsoft also said Office 2017 won’t replace Office 2010, but will instead offer more “optimized user experience.”

Office 2017 is set to ship on February 14th.